Systems for Junior Bible Quizzing

The Portable System with 2 or 4 Player Handpads

The System judges up to two teams of two players with 100% lockout.
This System is powered with AA batteries ~ use it while camping, in the car,
or anywhere on-the-go.

$176 - Complete 2 Player System in case (part# 20P-2C)
$220 - Complete 4 Player System in case (part# 20P-4C)

  To be directed to our online order page, click Handpad System includes:

* Moderator Module
* Player Handpads with cables
* 3-AA Duracell Batteries
* Instruction Sheet
* 1 Year Warranty
* Carry Case

Here's a closer look at the components of the System...
The Moderator features:

* 100% lock-out; absolutely no ties
* Judges up to 2 teams of 2 players
* Green Team and Red Team LEDs
* Built-in speaker with volume control
* Reset button readies system for next question
* Powered by 3 AA Duracell Batteries, included
* Power Slide Switch with Indicator 'ON' LED
Player Handpads features:

* Each player handpad is a mini footswitch with a metal chassis that individually plugs into Moderator Module using the attached 6' RCA cable
* The player handpads can be used on a table, on the floor, or held in the hand

Carry Case included ~ Color and Style may vary

Click here to download the PDF Instruction Sheet

Individual Buzzing Player Handpad ~ $32


Individual Buzzing Player Handpad features:

* For practicing buzzing in
* Player Handpad with built-in buzzer
* Powered by a replaceable coin battery (CR 2032)
* Does not plug into an interface box
* Model # HP-BB