The Officiator™ 10 Player System with 2 Teams of 5 Table-Top Buttons


$265 - Complete System (model # 10T-10)

$280 - Complete System with Carry Case (model # 10T-10C)

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Complete System includes:

* Officiator 10 Player Moderator Module
* 2 Teams of 5 Table-Top Player Buttons ~ Red Team and Green Team
* AC Power Adaptor
* Instruction Sheet
* 1 Year Warranty
* optional 16" Carry Case

Here's a closer look at the components of the System...
The Officiator™ 10 Player Moderator features:

* 100% lock-out; absolutely no ties
* Judges 2 teams of 5 players
* Red Team and Green Team LEDs
* Built-in speaker with volume control
* Reset button readies system for next question
* Housed in a rugged, metal chassis
* Powered by an UL approved AC wall adaptor, included
Table-Top Player Button features:

* Each player has a separate sturdy plastic box which houses his push button and colored indicator LED
* Rubber feet on the bottom of each player box keeps it firmly in place on any table-top surface
* A 23' cable for each team connects the player boxes to the Moderator Module with a DIN connector end
* Player boxes are spaced 28" apart along cable
* Each player's button box is labeled with a player number to correspond with the labeled LED on the Moderator Module

Optional Carry Case ~ Color and style may vary

9VDC-500mA power adaptor included

Table-Top System Video Demo

Click here to download the Officiator 10 Player System PDF Instruction Sheet